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EA’s long-running gridiron simulation game is back to another season, just like rookie quarterback, he also wants to impress. Is this a player worth investing in, or should it be eliminated from your team? Launching the Madden NFL 20, it’s clear that this season’s product is evolution, not revolution. If you throw a player into a Pro Bowl setting, you … Continua a leggere

Madden Rush attack and Cheap MUT Coins

Every Madden will bring new upgrades and disappointments, but the balance of Madden NFL 20 is better than usual. Among these new features are some key changes that highlight the difference between a typical player and a real NFL superstar in a meaningful and exciting way, making instant play as powerful as it has been since switching to Xbox one … Continua a leggere

Unlock Madden New features and buy mut coins

Madden 20 is full of new features, and you can read our comments on them to see how they can change the way classic Madden plays. One of the new features introduced by EA Sports is the superstar and X factor features. These enable elite players to get some promotion in different situations, so as to stand out. As long … Continua a leggere